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26 Feb

The most important is love and kindness, ecumenical love to music, life, people and nothing can substitute it, any epatage, any cool vocals, NO-THING can.


I was inspired to write this note by these words of one girld, “The Next Big Thing”.

I wanna share some of my thoughts about life. I am just 15, actually I can’t say I have a huge life experience, but this is what I think today. It doesn’t mean it can’t be right.

To start with, I’d like you to look at the world now. What do we see? We can see people running around, trying to find their happiness. Sometimes it is so pathetic and it makes me wanna puke. I mean the celebrities. All this insincerity, chasing money, power. I don’t believe this can be the sense of life. And yes. I’m am the one who will say “You are fakes” standing on the ground, burning all bridges, making you turn your brain and heart on.

Love. It runs the world. No art, no life can exist without love. Love and tears are the most artless feelings. We can’t be creative without tenderness, without loving, without tears. This is natural, so it is very beautiful. We are people. Do you really think that money can be better than watching your love standing next to you, being with one in a million, one of a kind? We should forget all the stupid principles or prejudices and open our hearts. And it doesn’t matter to what you have love. To music, to a person, to your hobby. Love is the state of your sole. It can’t be judged or even justified. This helps us not to shoot ourselves in the world where people try to say that they are the best “because they wear a pink wig”.

“Christina Aguilera – Bound to You”

Kindness. “To make peace, not war”. This all to be said about kindness. People are different, so to stay people we should just understand that, for example, these idiotic “Fan Wars” are idiotic. This is a waste of time.  

I love my life. Life is such an amazing thing! All my next words bring revolutionary meaning.

We live in a very critical society now. A lot of people find some periouds of life very difficult for this or that reason.
You don’t have a very good time in high school. People try to blow you out. You are called a freak. Do you think you should let them break you ? Do you think you should go home to your mom crying « Oh I have no frinds ». No ! Study really hard, read all the books in the library, become stronger, become the best to show them that they are freaks. And then you understand that you won ’cause most of those cool guys are struggling all the life, at 18 they  are at their pick. So squeeze your fists and prove that you are the best, ‘because you are. There is no way a person can be great without working and believing in his spirit to succeed.

“Lady Gaga – Born This Way”

Whether life’s disabilities left you outcast, bullied, or teased, rejoice and love yourself today, ’cause baby you were born this way. 
                                                                                                Lady Gaga

When your life tells you « You are an asshole ! I am your life. And I’m gonna bite you in your ass again and again ! I want you to have nothing. I want you to sit on your coach watching TV, whining you have no friends, you are not pretty, not talented enough. Try to fight with your shitty life to become stronger, to get rid of all your insecurities. Stop slapping yourself !”, you should find strength and smack her, hit her! Life like everything and always is difficult. The spark which is inside everyone can’t be extinguished. So when your life comes back to bite you in your ass again you should put a muzzle on it and hold your life on a short lead.
I am always inspired by people who work a lot to become the best. I love people saying “Tonight my religion is working” with all my heart. There are no words to explain who much I respect them. I mean not doing just some work. I mean working on yourself. Developing. Forgetting all the drinks, all the people trying to make you live an empty life. Set a goal and work on it. This is how being successful goes. You can’t help agreeing that this is so dull when a boy who is 18 drives a Mercedes SLR McLaren just because his influential daddy gave him money. Much more interesting when a girl who has no money, no car, who learns the words almost all day, who writes songs, who tries to bring something new in this world, something clever, becomes a rockstar. Not for money. To have fame, to reach what she has been dreaming about, to teach other people to be artless, to become stronger, to stand their ground. There is no epatage here. Only talent, work, heart, brain and will power. 
So, please, listen to your heart! Forget all the words people said, all the fears, follow your dream, never stop! Get rid of all envy and hypocrisies. Be natural. Think. Stop listening to any advice, create your own life! Find your inspiration. Start doing it right now. Do what you want. Do everything to become happy, work on your dream. Make your mistakes, have your own experience, try, try and try even if this is not one of the society’s points of laws. Don’t think of critics, don’t listen to others, “They are just a crowd”. Don’t be afraid of something people don’t like. And yes again. I tell you not to listen to your parents. This is your life! Don’t allow this disrespect! Forget all the pros and cons. Nothing’s perfect. Do you really think those people know better how life goes?

Who actually knows where this fucking truth is. Don’t allow being controlled. If nobody understands you, fuck them all. Do you really need the respect of your classmates or people who you don’t know at all? Don’t give up your dream, fight for it, stand on your own, never accept less than you deserve!
So I want a musician to write the best songs, to learn the words, to become the best ever. I want a journalist to write notes, to try to make this world better b want people to make this world better. To become better. In the reality I can’t expect people to become better or even try to do this. But in my heart I believe that this is possible. I don’t like the reality. It measures you. And… hm… don’t you dare to try to make me think this is not right. I am a man, damn it! I will do what I feel in my heart.
So do all the things, follow your art not to show somebody something, but to do it because you feel this. Inside.
In the conclusion it remains only to say that art doesn’t mean being dishonest. Art should flood from your heart. Art is everything you do. This is priceless because it is your own story. And I wanna apologize for having written such a long story. I am not the best writer, you can even find my story dull, it’s OK. I have done this because I felt that I should do this. I also hope that you managed to understand all the things I tries to explain.
 I wanna add that I’ll be very glad if at least one person has enough patient to read all this till the end.   

Your Life Is Not a Theater But Art

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