Why I Do This

26 Feb

This letter is only for one person in this world. I turn to you.

Do u know why I do all this? I write to u, I tried to call u, but there was no result. I know that I can be intursive, I think u have already mentioned it. This pushed a lot of people way from me. I know it. It’s not like I am an egoist or have nothing to do. I’m just afraid of loosing u.

So afraid! I also think if I’m doing everything right, but then I try just to be myself. And I do this. I am just true to who I am. I don’t know what u did, I don’t know what u said, but if I loose u, it will be like a crucifix for me.

Do u remember “Dancer on a rope” – the first song u sent me, do u remeber our talkings, do u remeber my recordings in which I try to tell u what I think and feel, do u still remember all this? I love it) I know u love it too) That is almost the only reason why I visit this site.

I understood. U just brought me to life. In the times I lost almost all my friends, u supported me and became my friend. You told me something that changed me. All the talkings about bravery, being strong, working. U inspired me and still do this. U helped me. U talk to me. That’s why I love u! U know how, yes?)

U are very interesting for me. U and your creative work mean very much for me. There is something there I couldn’t see anywhere. Something very close to my soul. That is when Gaga wrote “Born This Way”. Almost the same. I can’t find the right reason, but it is)

Do u remeber “Together whatever happens”. These were my words. I still feel this. I have never met such person who is my soulmate and who differs from me in the same time. And in the times when I become so crazy that start writing “Is everything alright” or when I write such notes I just wanna say that u mean much to me. And our friendship means much to me) Can u understand me? Won’t u be scared?

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